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Clearwater Weather


There’s a very good chance you’ll be enjoying Alpine Meadows under sunny skies during your visit. Given our advantageous location in central BC, Alpine Meadows is blessed to have a consistency of bright blue skies and sunshine. Here’s a look at what to expect as you select your season of choice to visit Alpine Meadows.


Consider Alpine Meadows come spring as the weather can be very warm and pleasant with temperatures ranging from around 12º C/mid-50ºs F up into the low 20ºs C/low-70ºs F. When packing for your getaway, allow for shorts and short-sleeved shirts; however, it is advisable to have sweaters, trousers and a light coat or jacket on hand too. Spring is the ideal season to choose a white water rafting package because the local rivers begin to really rock and roll due to swelling from the melting of mountain snows.


Come July and August, the North Thompson is the place to be to escape the intense heat in the southern regions of BC. This is perfect time to hike or ride through the hills and forests or enjoy water-related activities like fishing or gentle river rafting trips. The humidity if low and the temperatures are perfect for outdoor adventure ranging in the low- to mid-30ºs C/mid-80ºs F. The rivers are beginning to calm down and the snow generally clears from most alpine areas by mid-July and August.s.


For many visitors to British Columbia, fall is their favourite time of year to visit: the temperatures are comfortable, the water is at its warmest, rainfall is least likely, there are fewer people about once the schools start again and the changing colours of birch and aspen on the hillsides add color to the landscape. Warm temperatures can typically carry through the month of September and the first snow typically falls in October or November.


To some, winter can be the most beautiful time of year. The landscape surrounding Alpine Meadows wraps itself in a blanket of white, sparkling snow and a thick sheet of ice covers Hallamore Lake. The temperatures are generally moderate, but can dip as low as -20º C/-4º F to -30º C/-22º F for short periods of time. The snow typically lasts from November to March so full winter wear is necessary for comfort: a heavy coat, a warm hat and mittens. Snowmobiling, ice fishing, downhill skiing (including heli-skiing), nordic skiing and skating are popular winter sports to enjoy during your stay at Alpine Meadows.