The area around Clearwater and Wells Gray Park is so massive and diverse that it can be hard to know where to start your journey.

The Alpine Meadows Resort team is always fielding questions about how to best enjoy a visit here.

We’ve heard some pretty unusual ones, and there have been one or two that we really couldn’t answer, but there are definitely a few inquiries that we hear over and over. You’ve probably been wondering about a few of them, yourself.

Well, here’s a quick guide to some of the most-asked questions. We hope this will make your visit here to Alpine a little easier to plan.


How long should I stay?

Starry Sky with fir tree silhouettesWe recommend a visit of at least 2 nights, so our guests can really get a chance to experience the magic of this place.

There’s so much to explore here in the North Thompson! Alpine’s own property, which includes the pastoral Hallamore Lake and numerous wooded trails, is an adventure in itself. An early morning paddle, an afternoon swim, an evening with new friends around the fireplace –there really is a unique spirit at the resort. Many of our returning clients come exclusively to spend some time at “camp”, here.

Obviously, the crown jewel of the neighbourhood is the magnificent Wells Gray Provincial Park. A day hike doesn’t do this place justice; plan to spend at least a few days exploring the world-renowned waterfalls, bucolic meadows, challenging hikes, and countless opportunities to see wildlife.

Nearby Clearwater boasts small-town charm and low-key fun. There are also several adventure outfitters based there, offering a variety of excursions to enhance your visit (more about that below).
Alpine plays host to many guests who return year after year. Those “in-the-know” generally book their visit for 5-7 days, so that they can make the most of their trip.

How late can I make my reservation?

With a condensed season and a limited number of spaces, we tend to fill up very quickly at Alpine Meadows Resort!

We are now booking for next summer, though you may find occasional last-minute availability at the very beginning or very end of each season.

We’re eager to meet you and show off this Canadian paradise! Don’t miss out on your chance to visit.

You can now make your reservation right from our website (woohoo!), or feel free to contact us with any questions.

What if I get hungry?

Mountain resort chef seasons chicken on grillYou’ll never go hungry at Alpine!

Although we do sell some small snacks and concessions, we recommend that our guests make a stop in Clearwater or Barriere for “real” grocery shopping. Each of our glamping tents and suites comes equipped with a bar fridge to store provisions; the suites also have microwaves and coffee pots. The larger chalets come with fully-equipped kitchens for preparing meals. All guests have access to a gas barbeque located in our amenities area.

Should you be a little too tired to cook at the end of an exciting day of exploring, Alpine Meadows is also home to one of the region’s best restaurants!

The Boathouse Restaurant and Lakeside Patio offers breakfast and evening dining with an innovative West Coast flare. Enjoy fresh, local flavours in this absolutely gorgeous locale. Refreshing salads, hearty soups, inspired entrees, and “perfect-ending” desserts are paired with award-winning BC wines and creative cocktails. An oasis of fine dining, here in the wilderness (all of the wild animals are jealous)! Be sure to make reservations for dinner, as locals love to dine here, too.

My dog loves road trips. Can I bring him?

Alpine Meadows is a pet-friendly resort, with a limited number of pet-friendly units. Please make sure to email us directly for availability.

We know that your dogs and cats are members of your family, and so we’re pleased to welcome them. As with any public facility, we ask that you respect our guests who may have allergies, fears, or simply may not be animal lovers. And please pick up after your pet –we have lots of bare feet, around here! Take a look at our pet policy for details.

Also remember that we are visitors here, but this place is home to BC’s incredible wildlife! Please respect the local animals and their habitats by keeping your pets on-leash, and not leaving food outside.

What About the Bears?

Yes, we are in bear country! The North Thompson is home to black bears (BC has the highest population of black bears in the world) and a few grizzlies, though we don’t run into them too often.

Down here at the resort, we are sometimes visited by the neighbourhood black bears (or their redheaded siblings, cinnamon bears). They like the wild berries and tender young plants that grow in the surrounding forests.

As long as you’re prepared and know how to be bear smart, these iconic animals will keep to themselves. Never startle or agitate a bear, and never try to touch one. Want a memento? We recommend using a telephoto lens. If you’re planning to go for a hike in the wilderness around Alpine or in Wells Gray, bring a bear bell or spray to ensure you’re protected.

Which is the best waterfall?

Wells Gray Park waterfallThat is like asking us to pick a favourite child!

Wells Gray is renowned for its magnificent waterfalls. There are now 41 named falls, and that list is growing. This year, 2 more of these spectacular runoffs have been added to the map. Because Wells Gray encompasses more than 5,000 square kilometres, most of these falls lie at the end of an extended (read: multi-day) hike. And they’re all amazing.

Luckily for our Alpine guests, however, several of these splashy spots are readily accessible from the main road and the parking lots. And yes, they are definitely worth the walk!

Access to these thunderous chutes ranges from a 5 minute not-terribly-strenuous walk to a 7 km trek. No matter which route you choose, reward yourself with a few minutes in the cooling mist and an appreciation for mighty Mother Nature. Don’t miss Helmcken Falls, the most famous of the park’s cascades: a short walk in will get you a great view, or make the one-hour hike along a well-traversed trail for a closer encounter. It’s one of Canada’s largest falls, and its powerful beauty was the catalyst for creating Wells Gray Park.

Tall and dramatic or wide and roaring –how do you prefer to watch the water fall? Well, you’re in luck! You’ll find every kind of cascade, here.

What’s the best way to get to know the region?

There are countless ways to explore this wild Canadian playground!

The Alpine staff is happy to recommend local adventure guides and outfitters to help you make the most of your vacation.

Horseback riding? Paragliding? Hiking? Biking? Wildlife watching? From fly fishing to actual flight, Clearwater has an exhilarating (or relaxing, or heart-pumping, or inspirational) experience for you.

Check out our Things to Do page, or just let our guest services team know what you’re looking for. This is the perfect place to try something new.

Is Alpine Meadows associated with any organization?

No. Alpine Meadows is independently owned and operated. The only association we have is with the great Canadian outdoors (and we wear that one proudly!).

Where are Alpine’s Guests From?

Group of Adults at Alpine Meadows ResortAlpine is a perfect place to stop on any great Canadian road trip. Because of that, we get a lot of guests from across BC and Alberta, as well as the Pacific Northwest states. However, we really are in a jewel of a location, which also entices adventurous visitors from much farther flung places!

One of Alpine’s general managers, Wolfgang Hinz, hails from Germany (Tracey is from Canada), and they still have a strong European connection. It must be tough to keep this place a secret, because the resort now has the pleasure of welcoming numerous visitors from Europe and beyond each summer!

Our vast wilderness is so magnetic, and our resort so friendly and comfortable, that people from all across the globe are drawn here. You may be coming to Alpine for the wildlife and the awe-inspiring activities, but you’ll definitely be leaving with a few new friends.

Want to know more? Take a look at our FAQs, or give us a call!

Every member of the Alpine team is proud to call this area home. We’d be glad to answer any questions you might have, and to tell you a little bit more about this outstanding piece of beautiful British Columbia.