So alas, it seems Summer has come to an end. The mornings are brisk, the lake is misty and the leaves are changing colour and gradually tumbling off the tree’s. However, just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean that we don’t have some “smokin’ hot” Autumn deals. Apologies for the cheesiness of the previous sentence but we do have some pretty awesome deals on our website if you’d like a pretty place to come and watch the leaves change colour. 🙂

We have had to say a fond farewell to our delightful dinner entertainers, the hummingbirds. They have packed their bags and flown to warmer places for the winter. However, the food in the restaurant seems to be keeping everyone blissfully unaware of their absence which must be a good, not to mention tasty, thing!

We would like to thank everyone for liking us on Facebook. We’ve gone from 30 likes to 74 over the past couple of months and this will do wonders for putting our little resort on the map. Keep liking us, if I can get our Facebook page 100 likes by the end of the Summer, I get a raise… This isn’t actually true but the more the merrier.  Every little helps!