At Alpine Meadows Resort, we are proud of our deep connection to the natural landscape that surrounds us. We’ve established a reputation of mutual respect for the land and wildlife of the incredible Wells Grey Park and Clearwater area. As stewards of nature-based tourism, we actively seek to promote the beauty and adventure that BC has to offer; we know that it’s essential to follow the guidelines of BC conservation organizations that help maintain the delicate balance between humans and the wild.

That’s why we were saddened one peaceful evening this past May when the crack of a gunshot interrupted the stillness of our resort. We quickly learned that poachers had shot and killed a black bear sow (a Mama Bear with a young cub) on a neighboring property. It is illegal in BC to shoot any bear in the company of a young cub, and so our General Manager and wonderful neighbors moved swiftly to assist local law enforcement and conservation officers to ensure the hunters were apprehended.

Alas! This still meant that an orphaned cub was now somewhere out there, alone, which left us unsettled. Black bears, while plentiful in BC, are still on the Endangered Species list, and a solo young cub has little chance of survival. A devastating windstorm a few days later left us even more concerned for the vulnerable little bear.

The old adage that every storm has a silver lining proved to be true in this story, however! As our GM, Wolfgang Hinz, ventured out to inspect the damage from the storm, he spotted the little cub among the downed trees and power lines. Wolfgang and his wife, Tracey, immediately contacted the BC Conservation Officer Service to determine the best course of action to protect Little Bear. The officers’ recommendations helped ensure the bear’s eligibility for a wildlife rehabilitation program, and the Alpine Meadows crew were delighted to nurse and guard the little cub until the official handover to Conservation Officers.

We were so glad to be of help. Good luck, Little Bear! We look forward to spotting you someday on one of our bear watching trips.

Be a part of B.C. Wildlife Federation’s Wilderness Watch! Contact 1-800-663-WILD (9453) if you spot poaching or other violations of wildlife and environmental laws.