Canoeing & Kayaking

Canoeing & Kayaking in Clearwater BC

The options are numerous and varied if you are looking to partake in any sort of local paddling adventure. Alpine Meadows Resort offers canoes, kayaks and rowboats for those wishing to explore Hallamore Lake.

For even more adventure, you will find plenty of BC’s scenic Kayaking and Canoeing opportunities awaiting you at nearby Wells Gray Park. Try paddling one of the park’s many pristine lakes and rivers including Clearwater, Mahood, Hobson, Azure and Murtle. Murtle Lake happens to be the largest, non-motorized, paddle-only lake in North America! This gorgeous eco-friendly lake is well worth a visit.

Other popular spots include the Clearwater River and Elmar Lake.

Featured Canoeing & Kakaking Excrusions:

If you are not bringing along your own Kayak or Canoe, or would like to take in the lakes and rivers with a guide, we recommend :