How far is Alpine Meadow located from the Wells GrayPark?
Approximately 24 km to the information centre for Wells Gray Park.

What are the kitchens equipped with? 
Rooms with kitchens come fully equipped with fridge, stove, dishwasher, dishes, cutlery, glass wear, pots/pans, toaster, coffee maker, microwave, etc.

Do you have a grocery store at Alpine Meadows Resort?
We do not have a store at our resort.  Please bring your favorite groceries with you to enjoy fully equipped kitchens and barbecue facilities.

Do we have to worry about bears being around?
We usually let people know that we have not had any problems with the bears, we never want to get too close as they are wild animals. They have never been and never should be given people food so that they do not associate people and food together.

Are there mosquitos at the resort?
As we are in the wilderness, you will find mosquitos in the area. We recommend that you have bug/mosquito spray to keep them away from you.

What is the altitude of Alpine Meadows Resort?
We are 2000ft / 700 metre in altitude.

Is Hallamore Lake stocked and what type of fish are in the lake?
The lake at the resort, Hallamore Lake, is not stocked.  For those who enjoy fishing, you will find rainbow trout in the lake.

How large is the lake and how deep is it?
Hallamore Lake is approximately 1 km long, half as wide and 70 ft. at its deepest point.

Everything looks so  new, how old is the resort?
The owner started building in 2002 and just keeps adding as he likes to build.

What was here before the resort?
It was a farm back in the 40’s, then in the 80’s about there was a fishing and camping place set up here.