Clearwater BC Weather

There’s a very good chance you’ll be enjoying Alpine Meadows under sunny skies during your visit. Given our advantageous location in central BC, Alpine Meadows is blessed with consistently bright blue skies and sunshine. Here’s what you can expect in each season Alpine Meadows.


Spring is always a welcome way to start the Alpine Meadows season; the weather in Clearwater is lovely. The snow has melted in the valley, but still caps the mountain peaks, which glisten majestically in the sun. Temperatures are warm and pleasant, ranging from around 12º-20°C (55º-70º F). Pack plenty of shorts and t-shirts, but make sure to throw in a lightweight jacket, too –evenings are still chilly up here. Don’t forget a pair of sturdy boots; the ground can be a little muddy this time of year (which just makes every adventure more fun). Spring is the ideal season to go white water rafting in the Clearwater area! The local rivers really rock and roll with that springtime mountain runoff.


July and August are beautiful at Alpine Meadows. This is the perfect time of year to hike or ride the mountain trails, or to spend a day on the water. Fish are jumping, and the waterfalls are mighty! Wildlife is abundant in the summer, too –all creatures want to take advantage of the lush forests and perfect weather. The semi-arid climate in the Clearwater Valley means low humidity and ideal temperatures around 26º C (80º F). Don’t forget your bathing suit and a water bottle as you head out to explore this gorgeous corner of BC!


Many of our guests at Alpine tell us that fall is their favourite time of year to visit. The hillsides burst with a golden glow as the leaves change colour, and wildlife are out and about, making their preparations for the winter. It’s salmon run season, and the bears congregate at the rivers, ready to catch them as they jump –it’s an amazing natural event to observe! The weather in Clearwater is gorgeous; autumn temperatures are comfortable, averaging around 15°C (60°F), and the local waters are still warm and calm (perfect for paddlers). Most visitors have headed home, leaving our guests to feel like they’ve got this heavenly place all to themselves. Alpine Meadows is open through mid-October to make the most of this awe-inspiring time of year.


Peaceful, snow-covered, and picture-perfect, winter in the North Thompson can be the most wonderful time of year. Like many of our wild neighbours, Alpine Meadows hibernates through the winter season; the Resort is wrapped in a blanket of white, and a thick sheet of ice covers Hallamore Lake. The thermometer stays low, with daytime highs of around -10° C (15° F), but the sunny skies tempt adventurers to bundle up and go explore. The snow typically lasts from November to March, and locals and visitors take advantage of the excellent cross-country and backcountry skiing and snowshoeing around the region. As a true Canadian playground, the Clearwater Valley is also popular for skating, ice fishing, and snowmobiling. The famous Wells Gray Park waterfalls, frozen and sparkling, are absolutely breathtaking this time of year, too.

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